11 Foods Banned Around the World

Food production is highly regulated worldwide, so much so that many governments have banned special things. Sometimes it is to keep consumers safe, but sometimes the reasons are a bit strange.

Americans are still eating food that many other countries have banned, but they are wary of exotic cuisine supers from abroad. By contrast, many other countries have banned food additives and genetically modified products that Americans eat all the time.

We collected 11 of the weirdest and most interesting forbidden foods, as well as why you can’t find them in the grocery store in certain places. You will find #2 amazing, but try to read #6 without wearing it!

1. Haggis

Haggis is Scotland’s national dish, but the main ingredient of haggis – sheep’s lung – has been banned in the United States. Haggis includes sheep lung, liver and heart combined with onions, oats, sebum and spices. All ingredients are cooked together in the stomach of the sheep.

Sheep lungs are banned in the United States because sometimes stomach acid or mucus goes into the lungs during slaughter. Although this problem can be easily solved by boiling the lungs before it is used as food, the USDA has no interest in overdoing the ban despite pressure from British politicians.

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